This Week in Video: Professional Russian Barbecue, Games in Real Life, and London Welcomes You

Image yanked from FAIL Blog.

You have a good week?  We had a good week.  It started of with a closer look at how U.S. forces took out Osama Bin Laden, which is always good news, and we also asked you, Dear Reader, how tactical is your hat?  North Korea asked us to sign a peace treaty, highlighting the fact that we’re at war.  In Korea, anyway, not anywhere else.

This song will get stuck in your head. You’ve been warned.  [See the comments for some background on the maker of this video.]

We talked about how awesome and also wicked awesome the Marine Expeditionary Unit really is, while Oregon governor John Kitzhaber signed House Bill 2792 into law, protecting motorcyclist’s gun rights.  Meanwhile, Anonymous hacked the shit out of the Syrian Defense Ministry’s website, and then got hacked right back.

Yeah, that pig’ll probably taste like shit and shorten your life, but it’ll put hair on your chest, so eat up.

The people of New Orleans saw some justice with the guilty finding of police officers who’d shot into a crowd of hurricane Katrina victims, while New York signed into law a bill that will make it harder for domestic abusers to put their hands on guns.  (What about a bill that makes it easier for victims of domestic abuse to…)  And sadly, the Canadian Rangers are retiring their Lee-Enfields, although they have a fine reason.

Mossberg introduced their cool new 500 Chainsaw, we think it’ll do quite well, and LaRue Tactical is all about their new, less-expensive PredatAR in 5.56 and 7.62 NATO.  And if you missed it, check out this makeup gun.  Not to be confused with a real, loaded derringer, or even still, a lighter.

Not shown: humping bodies for “health packs”.

Doing a little history, we dug up a wonder, the Ferguson Rifle.  It really amazes all of us that this design wasn’t successful, and that nobody’s making replicas today.  (Are you listening, Traditions?)  Although, when it comes down to it, anything’ll do, even baseball bats.  Just ask the English.

Not familiar with Team Fortress? Geez, go get it, it’s free, free as in beer. And it has hats.

All that and we still had time to review guns, not just talk about them.  We got to shoot a Smith & Wesson Chief’s Special, which will do in a pinch although that’s also what’ll wind up happening to you, a modern-day derringer in both .45 Colt and .410 shot, the Bond Arms Century 2000, and the wildly anticipated Ruger SR1911.  It.  Was.  Great.

Man, isn’t Reason just the cat’s pajamas?

There, that should keep you busy.  Afterwards, though, please, go shoot something.  It’s the weekend!

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