Video: Beretta Takes their A400 Unico Shotgun to the Extreme

The Beretta A400 Extreme Unico is more than just a 26- or 28-inch-barreled 3.5″ magnum 12-gauge-shot-slinging machine weighing seven-and-a-half pounds.  Why for that all you would need to do is look to Winchester, or even, oh dear, Mossberg.  No no, never you forget: the Extreme Unico is something special.

beretta a400 unico extreme shotgun

It all starts with Aqua Technology.  Other shotguns will dissolve if taken out-of-doors.  Not so with the Extreme Unico, as it has been constructed with both hydrogen and oxygen in its finish, preventing water from penetrating into its materials.  Then there’s the Optima Bore: laboratory-designed bores that work perfectly with standard and high-pressure steel shots without worry, from 24 to 64 grams.

The polymer parts of this shotgun feature Micro Core, which provides superior softness, contrasting the Blink system, gas-piston operation and rotating bolt that lock in reliability, and stability, all while cycling 36% harder and faster than other shotguns.

Finally, the barrel is composed of Steelium, a rare ferrous alloy, that undergoes a cold hammering, a vacuum extending, and then some solid, deep drilling.  Steelium can really take it.

While the shotgun’s taking a pounding, you won’t feel a thing thanks to not only the Kick-Off Cubed technology, which inserts mercury recoil reducers in the stock and the forearm, but also the Extreme in, separating it from the A400 Unico: The Kick-Off Mega.  Reducing recoil by 60% (yes, 60%—measured using science!) the Extreme model includes an additional recoil-reducing hydraulic piston between the grip and the buttstock, so that your cheek doesn’t get whipped with the butt.

Available in black and camouflage, the Extreme Unico starts at about $1,500.  No word on its… capacity?  Seriously, Beretta, WTF?  If anyone knows it, speak up.  Also, to go along with this new shotgun comes this fairly trippy website that’ll teach you to go duck yourself.  For fame and prizes!  Wait, there are no prizes?  Screw it, did you know we’re giving away a Ruger LCR?  Sweet.

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