Firearms as Art: A Small Gallery of CZ's Engraved Pistol Series

At this year’s SHOT Show, CZ-UB, mother company of CZ-USA in the Czech Republic, showed off a couple of their pistols, only they’d been hand-engraved and gilded with gold and silver.  It was a nice way to highlight the inherent beauty of CZ’s designs, which as a product of their precise functionality, are already lovely firearms.  Anyone who’s held one knows how great they are, even prettier than they are in pictures.

And while appreciated, it seemed like window-dressing.  How wrong we were.  CZ’s gone and made 32 varieties of six of their cornerstone handguns, the CZ 75 B, the CZ-75, (pre-B, no firing pin block) CZ 85 B, (ambidextrous controls) CZ 97 B, (.45 ACP) CZ 83, (compact .380 ACP) and cheeky little CZ 92, (sub-compact .25 ACP).

Every single one of these makes our jaws drop and our eyes tear up a little.  These are not pimp guns, they’re rapture.  From the inlaid 24 carat gold, to the classic and modern flourishes, gilded controls, walnut, bone, and silver-engraved handles, to the incredible etching, we cannot believe these are factory firearms.

The only thing missing from this picture is the price.  They’re not listed!  Well CZ better start getting things in gear and these guns onto American shores because the longer their website stays up and we can’t get any, we die a little on the inside.  Although we fully expect for people to have to pry open their wallets pretty far, but who knows, CZs have always been a blockbuster value…

Some of these belong behind glass, but not all of them.  We’d happily carry more than a few of these Česká Zbrojovka marvels.  After all, they’re still CZs, and CZs are meant to be shot.  Just… Really don’t drop ’em.  Every time one of these guns is disrespected God firebombs a petting zoo during business hours.

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