This Week in Video: Captain Awesome Takes on a Rocket, a 12-Year-Old Solves Crime, and a Quck Look at the Sarsilmaz K2 .45

Shuttles Endeavour and Discovery gear up for one last game of chicken.

That kid’s agonizing pain would make an awesome ringtone. Behind the scenes.

We hope you had a good week, things were busy as usual here, kicking things off with news of a new job program that targets U.S. vets, good news.  About the same time, Charter Arms announced their new Pitbull .40 S&W revolver—innovative in that it doesn’t need moon clips.  And we’ll see how this turns out, but Sony secured ops info for the Bin Laden raid.  For a movie that had better not suck, that’s all we have to say about that.  Speaking of which, Pakistan “let” (charged?) China to have a look at the helicopter wreckage left behind in said raid.

In news of the Kids with Brass, a 15-year-old thwarted three armed home invaders with a damn BB gun, by just “walking in and taking a seat on the couch.”  In news of the hoary bullshit, the Arizona Attorney General’s denying victim status for Fast and Furious casualty Brian A. Terry.  All that being said, the West has its charm (and liberal gun laws) to woo gun manufacturer to new roosts.  Just ask the CIA, they’re sending a bunch of people down there to help fight the drug war.  We asked if we even need an ATF anymore, especially if this is their way of damage control.

We’ll stop showing off his videos when he starts letting us play with his guns.

Beretta, picking up on the demand for a polymer single-stack sub-compact left in the wake of Springfield announcing their (admittedly super-cool) XD(m) Competition, and announced their Nano to capitalize on the fast-growing tiny gun market.  At the other end of the scale, we got into the care and feeding of your classic Garand rifles.  We also took a look at the French ugly duckling of submachine guns, the MAS-38.

Being a brutal despot requires that you be both chill and fly. If it didn’t before, it does now.

Mossberg announced their latest 500, 12-gauge Thunder Ranch shotgun, and Chiappa, maker of the unique Rhino, off and made the announcement that they’ll soon be making them in new calibers, .40 S&W, and much, much more interestingly, a .357 Magnum/9mm Parabellum hybrid.  On the topic of ingenuity, our soldiers have been retrofitting remote-control cars to help them do bomb checks, with awesome explosions suffered by not a single living being.

And we played with guns; it’s what we do.  First off, we put some serious lead downrange with a custom-modified Remington 870 pump shotgun, the Stoeger Cougar service pistol in nine, and the oft-overlooked Taurus 24/7 G2 in .45 ACP, although we would have really loved to have gotten our hands on one of these amazing custom CZs.

Alright, there you have it, get your reading done and then you can go outside.  And please, go shoot something; if not, relax with a 7.62x39mm cocktail…

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