Wilson Combat Updates their X-TAC with a Compact 4" .45

Wilson Combat may make guns that look like they’re for putting on display, but to do that would do the firearms a disservice.  When a handgun like that is made to such a remarkable degree of precision and low tolerances, but is still extremely durable and reliable, it’s gotta get shot.

Such is the case for all Wilson Combat pistols, but this new X-TAC, well, it’s gotta get carried.  While an inch shorter in barrel and slide than your standard X, the Compact doesn’t cut any features or class from its original design.  It’s an all-steel 1911 with a high-ride beavertail and tactical (small) thumb safety.

All the controls and control surfaces have been ensmallened along with the barrel for maximum concealability, but the make of the frame is the carbon-steel you expect in a 1911.  Of course like all Wilson Combat guns the trigger’s excellent, 3-1/2- to 3-3/4lb pull, what’s generally considered the best range for concealed-carry.

The sights are super-wide (.145″) U-notch-and-fiber, for fast acquisition, and all the surfaces have X-TAC textures, crosshatched slide serrations and matching front- and backstrap checkering.  The grips are G10, custom patterned for Wilson, with their eagle molded right in, and the whole gun is finished in a black-parkerized mil-spec phosphate finish.  In other words, bulletproof.  This gun fits right in whether that means IWB or USPSA.

There are only two things to quibble over: the gun’s controls are right-handed to minimize printing, and it’s $2,680.00, which in real-world prices, is still a hair over two large.  To be fair, you are getting what you pay for here.  And what you’re getting is legendary.

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