This Week in Video: Law Enforces, Cars Explode, and Soldiers Come Home

Our weekend’s off to a slow start, but them’s the breaks when you toil ceaselessly to bring the world the highest grade news the Internet can offer.  Well we promise you that we will always be there to write for you on the weekends even if that means skipping beers with breakfast.  No, for us it’ll just be tequila sunrises and bloody Marys and then right back on the grindstone.

The best part about this is these guys are apparently in law enforcement training. Or maybe it’s that they made a bunch of RIDICULOUS videos.  Also, we don’t know who’s dumber: the shooter or the stander?

This week was great for the gun porn, we can tell you that.  First of all, LOKI Weapon Systems knocked up a new competition AR that the kids these days would agree is “teh secks”, the Advanced Armament Corp. of 300 BLK fame started a side business of premium barrels and silencers, Fabrique Nationale dropped specs on their new striker-fired FNS, and Century, yes, Century, leaked photos of a kick-ass AK pistol.

Speaking of porn, men’s health, photography, and excellent fiction, model and Playboy Playmate Shanna Marie McLaughlin got arrested in Florida, not realizing that she’d packed a Ruger Vaquero with her carry-on luggage.  There was more uplifting (snicker) gun news: Medal of Honor recipient John McGinty was reunited with his 1911 30 years after it’d been stolen.  Of course, not just good men prize special firearms, as Saddam Hussein himself had a favorite gun, a Glock with a fun button.

This firefighter either didn’t move because he’s been deprived of O2 for too long of the mass of his brass prevents him from making sudden starts and stops.

In news of Foreign, Libyan forces sacked Gaddafi’s last major outpost, the capitol of Tripoli, and raided his compound; around the same time a Fed-led bust took down a major Iraqi-Mexican drug ring, and Russia introduced their latest stealth fighter.  Oh, and it turns out a Bachmann staffer was a wanted terrorist (in Uganda).  Here in the U.S., the mired mayor of New Jersey went and started a toys-for-toy guns program that was remarkably unremarkable, and legislators in Wisconsin moved to ban firearms in government buildings.  It’s not all down on guns as members of Congress got a ball rolling to allow Army engineers to carry on the job.

This is what happens when gamers grow up. They don’t really grow up. But they can make excellent Doom music.

And we absolute had a blast talking hardware.  First on the merits of .44 versus .45, and then on the many different .38s.  We reviewed the iconic Tommy gun, as well as a pair of small-frame revolvers: the Taurus 85 and the Ruger LCR (which we’re giving away).  Of course, if those aren’t to your liking, check out these gorgeous and still deadly antique military small arms up for sale.

All in all, great fun had by everyone.  Thanks for reading, and please, go shoot something.

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