Lancer's in the Carbon Fiber AR Forearm Business

Everything made out of carbon fiber is better.  At least, in the racing scene.

You remember that LOKI Weapon Systems G3 we showed you?  With it’s pure-secks carbon-fiber forearm?  Imagine that, but on your AR, not a $2,000 custom.  There are a few other carbon fiber forearms on the market, but none look quite like this.

Not new to the run-and-gun scene, Lancer’s most famous for their quality translucent standard and extended AR magazines.  Lancer’s Lightweight Carbon-Fiber Handguard, or LCH, is fully-customizable race furniture with the addition or removal of Picatinny rails, floats freely for better accuracy, and due to its octagonal design, as rigid and impact-resistant as similar lightweight aluminum forearms.

It’s available with a two-inch front sight rail, a full-length top rail, or no rails at all, and comes in four different lengths: rifle, mid-length, carbine, and extra-long (fifteen inches), and has three, six, and nine o’clock mounts for two- and four-inch rails, (except the extra-long, no-rail option; that’s intended for “varmint” rifles and has no rail-mounting options).

And most agreeably, they’re priced pretty reasonably.  From $210 for the simplest carbine forearm to $320 for the extra-long full-length top rail handguard, sure, they cost more than polymer parts, but they’re smack in the middle of the road for premium aluminum handguards.

Why carbon fiber, though?  Well, whether you want the lightest possible forearm or want NASA-grade furniture because this is America, damn it, if they’re going to cancel the Shuttle you’re going to put a spaceflight-quality handguard on your damn gun, these Lancer LCHs are exactly what you’re looking for.

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