Picatinny Love: The Crimson Trace Lightguard Now for the XD(m)

Mmm, Picatinny.  We love gun accessories.  So many rails, so little time.  Some accessories go on all rails, some accessories are gun-specific.  Some are lights, like this excellent addition to any XD(m)-owner’s arsenal.  Crimson Trace has a great reputation as the go-to company for lights and lasers in easy to use, compact, rugged, and bright packages.

The Crimson Trace Lightguard is a 100-lumen flashlight (that will run for two hours on a single lithium CR2 battery) built into a sort of clamshell package that clamps around the Picatinny rail dust cover and trigger guard, running all the way back to top of the pistol grip, where you middle finger goes.  They’re sturdy, we can say that for sure.


The button’s easy and intuitive to use, without being in the way; there’s not much chance of you accidentally toggling the light.  It’s right in the middle so it’s naturally ambidextrous and can be operated one-handed, and it’s small enough to be left on the gun 24-7 (which is good, because they’re not something you pop on and off, the one drawback of the secure mount).

Unlike lasers, flashlights don’t need to be zeroed and are exceptionally easy to use; c’mon, they’re flashlights that point in the direction of your gun.  They’re excellent for quick acquisition and perfect for work, say, in your own home.  Another pro over lasers: they’re cheaper.  A Crimson Trace Laserguard costs about $150 where the Lightguard runs a hair over $100.

As advertized, the Lightguard is for full-size XD(m)s, but seeing how all XD(m)s use the same frame, (magwells not withstanding) we’re positive it will work with all of them, from the 5.25″ long-slide Competition to the 3.8″ compact sub-compact.

The best part about Crimson Trace is that they work with holster companies, too.  Because their lights and lasers are too handy to leave in a drawer at home, but they change the profile of the guns they’re mounted on, you need custom leather (by leather we do mean Kydex) to sport them.  Right now because it’s so new, there aren’t any on the market for the Lightguard, but if you’re thinking about getting a Laserguard, Crimson Trace has that covered.  Just a matter of time for them to get on Lightguard holsters.

The lightguard is a great idea for someone looking for an easy-to-use gun light that takes advantage of the XD(m)s exceptional ergonomics.  So what’s your poison?  Laser, light… What’s hanging off your XD(m)?

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