Tuff1 Grips: When You Need to Add Grip without Girth

TUFF1s pistol gripMKS Distributing, proud (and a little dumb) PR rep for Chiappa and Hi-Point just announced they’re bringing their own new product into the world, TUFF1s, their somewhat unique ultra-slim universal pistol grips.

Made out of a “proprietary material that is both extremely flexible and highly durable,” these small grips stretch like Armstrong over any size grip and re-texture it with its pleasant and mild stickiness.

slotted pistol gripNot words we thought we’d print right there: “With its pleasant and mild stickiness.”  But you know it just by looking at them that they’re that tacky rubber stuff that kinda feels sticky.  Can’t think of any reason why that wouldn’t make an excellent grip, especially for some of that high-speed low-drag shooting that all the kids do these days.

From their website: “We understand that manufacturers spend a lot of time and money developing the best geometry for their firearms. So why ruin it with a bulky, poorly-fitting generic grip cover? We wanted a slip-proof, low-profile cover that was durable, customized and didn’t change the original feel of the firearm’s grips.”

pistol grip on a gunAnd you can really see how well it stretches over differently shaped grips, plus it looks a whole lot easier and more appealing than grip tape.  Let’s see, instructions: Step 1.  Roll TUFF1 grip cover from top downwards.  Step 2. Position rolled cover over base of grip. Roll TUFF1 grip cover upwards.  Oh, just like a condom tube sock.

OK, so TUFF1 grips come in three patterns and each pattern comes in the four pre-approved shades of gun, black, olive drab, desert tan, and pinker than pink.  The patters are also equally gun: a cross-hatched grip, a scaled grip, and one covered in little skulls.  They’re made in the U.S. And they cost fifteen bucks, so they’re worth checking out if your grip just isn’t getting things done.

Oh, and they’re insoluble in gun oil.  We can see that being a deal-breaker.

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