NM Gov. Passes Concealed-Carry Recertification With Perfect Score

To some, Gov. Susana Martinez may not look like range rat.  But her stellar performance on her concealed-carry recertification test would suggest otherwise.  She scored 100 percent with both .38 and .45 caliber handguns, according to her staff. 

In the Land of Enchantment, concealed handgun licenses are valid for a period of four years from the date of issue, unless the license is suspended or revoked. And there is a requalification requirement at two years.

Martinez first obtained her concealed-carry handgun permit in 2009 when she was a district attorney and a Republican candidate for governor.  Her spokesman, Greg Blair, explained the impetus behind her decision to apply for a concealed handgun permit:

“Since she and Chuck [Martinez’s husband who was an undersheriff of Dona Ana County] both made careers out of taking on dangerous and violent criminals, she decided to get her concealed-carry permit for personal protection, especially when traveling alone or at night on the campaign trail,” Blair told Las Cruces Sun-News.      

Blair also mentioned that although Martinez Governorship comes with security detail, she still opts to carry a weapon. 

According to the Department of Public Safety, New Mexico is an Open Carry State, meaning it is legal to carry a loaded firearm as long as it is not concealed. 

However, one can certainly obtain a concealed handgun permit, as long as he/she completes an application consisting of the following eight items:

1) Complete two-page application
2) Photocopy of New Mexico Driver License of ID
3) $100.00 Application Fee (no cash)
4) Certified Original Birth Certificate**
5) Training Certificate
6) Two Fingerprint Cards, complete and signed
7) Health Information Release Form
8) Authorization for Release of Information

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