FNH SC-1 Competition Over/Under In Stores Now

Fabrique Nationale D’Herstal announced their top-flight competition over/under shotgun this January at the SHOT Show, the FNH SC-1.  And it’s damn fine.  Nobody said it was a bargain, though.  Maybe if you can’t put a price on quality.

When it comes to competition guns, FNH doesn’t ever leave stops pushed in.  Every last feature of this gun is not only precision-made and quality, it’s polished to a high shine.  The shotgun starts off with the Amero-Belgian firm’s signature blue laminate stocks, intermixing deep blue and satin finishes between the ported barrels and the receiver.

The barrels are 28 inches long and sport a chrome lining and uses standard FN-brand Invector chokes, and the receiver is based on Winchester’s classic Model 101.  It’s been improved upon with adjustable everything, from the trigger to the casting to the comb, with a little back-boring thrown into the mix.  Oh, and it has a bright green fiber-optic front sight.

Now, for the scary part: the MSRP.  It’s $2400.  Fortunately, the real-world price starts at about $1,700.  Still, that’s a lot o’ bones for what is, with all respect, a simple platform to begin with, although the price is right on par with Winchester’s “Select” competition-ready Model 101.  So yeah, we can see its appeal with the competitive shooter that just wants perfection out of the box.

For everyone else, may we suggest something in a Stoeger?

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