Gear Up: Springfield Repeats their 3 Free Magazines XD/XD(m) Promotion

They’ve done it before.  They’re gonna do it again.  Right now, if you buy a Springfield Armory XD or XD(m), including their dazzling new XD(m) 5.25″ Competition 9mm, you get three free magazines.  Or three clips if you want to make a gun nut wince.

Yep, every XD or XD(m) sold right now comes with three shiny extra magazines and a spare mag pouch to let them ride in, whether that’s XDs in 4- and 5-inch configurations, in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP, XD(m)s in 3.8- and 4.5-inch also in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP, or the 9mm 5.25″, you’ll get three factory full-size mags.  If you pick up a compact or subcompact XD or XD(m), they’ll send you three extra flush-fit compact magazines to add to your carry rotation.

Basically, with shipping and the magazine pouch, Springfield is giving away a hundred-dollar bonus in kit with every single one of their increasingly popular polymer pistols.  There is a catch: you have to buy your gun between now and November 31st of this year.  Not really a catch when you think about it.  That and you have to (gasp) fill out a form online.  Or do it by mail, whatever.  Three magazines!

This really does cover all guns sold between now and the end of November, including Essentials packages, which are XDs that only come with a case, a lock, a bore brush, and two magazines.  And if you were eying that 5.25″ Competition—ever since we reviewed it, we’ve all been trying to get our hands back on one, but for keeps this time—it seriously sweetens the pot.

Because of the come on phenomena:  A 19+1 single-action polymer duty pistol, modified for competition with a matte machined, adjustable rear sight, fiber optic front sight, lightened slide, case, mag loader, bore brush, lock, paddle holster, dual mag pouches and six high capacity magazines, all for $700?  Come on!

But seriously, there aren’t too many people out there that will tell you an XD or XD(m) isn’t worth it, and they’re a lot more worth it with this sort of promotion.  And the good news is that with three months to save up, you can take your time and really justify it, heh.

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