Temple Student Pack'n Gun and CCW Fires Back at Robber; Wounded Gunfight

Sophomore Temple University student Robert Eells, 21, was hanging outside his off-campus apartment having a smoke with friend around 1:30 a.m. Monday morning when several street thugs approached him.

The thugs demanded that Eells give them his money. Eells refused.

One of them then brandished a gun and started firing at Eells and his friend. Eells caught a round in the stomach.

But Eells wasn’t defenseless. He, a licensed gun owner with a carry permit, also drew his gun and fired several shots toward the robbers. He hit one of the assailants, a 15-year-old whose name has not been released, in the chest and leg. While the others quickly fled the scene.

Tanya Little, a police spokesperson, said the teenager would face charges of “aggravated and simple assault, robbery, and possibly attempted murder.”

As for Eells, he will not be charged.

“As far as the investigation stands now, I don’t believe so. He was acting in self-defense,” Little told reporters. She added, “If you do have a permit, that would be the time to use your weapon, when someone tries to rob you and shoots you,”

Immediately following the gunfight, both Eells and the teen robber were listed in critical condition at Temple University Hospital. Since then Eells’ condition has been upgraded to fair and the teen’s condition has been upgraded to stable.

Eells’ grandmother told reporters that he was awake and expected to recover.
“We are very thankful,” she said.

(A slightly more complete Video)

Eells is a psychology major. And Listed on Eells’ Facebook page are his hobbies, which include playing the bass guitar and shooting. Eells lists Samuel Colt as one of his role models.

Also on his Facebook page is the following quote, “The world looks different when you’re looking at it down the barrel of a loaded gun, whether that’s good or bad depends on which end you’re looking down.”

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