Springfield's XD(m) 5.25" Competition Now Available in .45 ACP

Good news, everyone!  Springfield’s already updated their amazing and most recent firearm, their XD(m) 5.25″ Competition.  They promised it in more calibers and they’ve followed through in a hurry, with the gun now available in .45 ACP.  John Browning would be pleased.

springfield xdm competition handgun on black background

We reviewed the 9mm when it first came out and were definitely taken.  “Hands down, the XDM 5.25 Competition has been one of the most entertaining pistols I’ve fired in a while (or maybe my life is complacent). In the end, I didn’t have a problem cleaning up all the brass.”  But like all good guns, it was fairly controversial.

springfield xdm competition on black background

If there was one common complaint, it was its chambering.  “Why can’t they make it in a real caliber?”  Well boys and girls, they have.  The XD(m) Competition guns feature all of the improvements of the XD(m)s on the proven XD platform, including tighter tolerances, improved trigger, and different, more aggressive grip design and interchangeable backstraps.  It uses the same safeties, drop, trigger, grip, and out-of-battery, and has ambidextrous magazine releases.

springfield xdm competition on black background

The Competition series kicks it up a kick with hand-selected, hand-fitted parts, a milled, low-mount, adjustable rear target sight, a narrow fiber-optic front sight, and a commanding gap across the topstrap to lighten the slide.

springfield xdm case with mags and gearThe gun comes with the usual accessories, plus some: in addition to the case, grip inserts, gun lock, paddle holster, spare magazine holster, and bore brush, the XD(m) Competition comes with three magazines, and if you buy one between now and the end of November, it’s eligible for Springfield’s Gear Up promotion, which will get you an extra magazine holster and three more magazines.

Although we fully expect this gun to sell for more than the XD(m) 5.25″ Competition in 9mm, as the .45s tend to do, we doubt it’ll go for more than $800, at least once the dust settles.

Technicals: it’s 8.3″ long, 5.75″ tall, 1.28″ at its widest, carries 13+1 rounds of deliciousness, and weighs 26oz dry.

Now that it’s here in .45 ACP, everyone’s needs are met.  Well, except for the .40 S&W crowd.  And when’s it gonna come out in .357 SIG?  What about .460 Rowland, already?  And when are they going to make a sub-compact XD(m) in .45?  What about a single-stack, seriously?  Why isn’t there a .22 conversion kit?  When is Springfield gonna get in the game and make a 10mm?  Why isn’t it in reverse two-tone?

Can’t make everyone happy.  We’ll take one in matte, and one in two-tone, please.  It’s after Labor Day, we need to dress and shoot accordingly.

springfield armory black handgun

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