This Week in Video: Dueling with Pigeons, Celebrating with Cops, and Preaching with Machine Guns

So it’s Saturday, it’s beautiful out, and thanks to the miraculous and long-lasting effects of ethanol alcohol, you’re inside reading where it’s super-quiet; the idea of going shooting sounds about as pleasant as getting shot?  Or maybe it’s hotter than hell and the idea of watching videos sounds just right.  We don’t care, we love you just the same.  We’ve had a great week, news out the wazoo.  First up, Glock fail.

For my honor, then, tomorrow, at noon! I shall provide the birdseed!

That’s right, Glock issued a recall related to the new captive recoil spring assembly used in all their Gen 4 models.  Get yours replaced for free. Or get a 1911.  It is the Year of the 1911 after all.  Did you hear one took out a Japanese Zero in dubya dubya two?  Revolvers are great, too, provided you know how to use them correctly.  Good thing we wrote a primer on shooting double-action.  Of course if you’re looking to save some money, you can’t go wrong with Rock Island Armory.  If single-stack’s not your thing, did you know it’s cheaper to buy a SIG .22 and a centerfire conversion kit than it is to just buy a centerfire SIG?

This is proof that you need a pistol laser in cat country. .44 Mag, ha! A 9mm with a LaserGuard works just as well

Another great way to shoot on the cheap is to shoot air.  They’re pretty impressive nowadays. Or you can get into paintball, although be aware, if you have had a boob job, you risk a lot more than bruises.  Then again, for some people, money’s no object.  In which case, this incredibly fine-tuned competition over-and-under might be exactly what you’re looking for.  Not into shotguns?  Maybe a SIG P210’s calling for you, it’s available online for a clean $2500.  It makes you wonder how gun stores with rude staff manage to stay open.

After all the riots and looting, drinking and dancing! Maybe just a little more rioting later, though

In more serious news, one man in Hawaii has taken it upon himself to tackle the rigid gun control laws; best of luck, dude.  Although this hasn’t been the best week for professional law enforcement.  The FBI hired a spec-ops impersonator as a consultant.  While harmless, a New Mexican police officer got caught buffing his hood.  With a girl. The director of the ATF stepped down, you know, for arming the Sinola cartel.  And the Canton, Ohio police department is still wrestling with off-the-rails PO Danial Harless.  We can think of another acronym that starts P-O-…

This is why criminals are dumb. A thousand costumes with thumbs and he goes with Gumby

Internationally, The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games rescinded their position of not allowing their visiting youths to watch shooting sports, due to their “violent” nature, despite no one having ever been hurt in their entire history, but still allowing the kids to watch boxing.  Their hypocrisy was noted. Also, some college kid tried to join the Libyan rebels; they kicked his non-Arabic-speaking ass out.  And Canada, ever wary of all threats to the North, is developing stealth snowmobile tech.

Based on a true story, even. Also, props to ENDO for their many fantastic videos

We also reviewed lots of guns, starting with the portable Kel-Tec P-11, a sub-compact 10-shot 9mm.  Also a couple of .22s, the economical and practical Ruger 22/45 Bull Barrel, and the GSG 1911-22.  We covered a real 1911, too, the Remington Model 1911 R1, Remington’s first.  If you’re interested in 9mm service pistols, you should definitely check out the Fabrique Nationale FNX-9.  If revolvers are something that interest you, you can’t go wrong with a Ruger GP100.

Thanks and enjoy the videos, enjoy the reading, enjoy the pretty pictures, but if you can this weekend, please, go shoot something.

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