Ohio and Louisiana Agree to Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Responsible gun owners who have obtained permits to carry concealed firearms in Louisiana will now be allowed to carry concealed firearms in Ohio and vice versa thanks to a CCW reciprocity agreement penned by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Louisiana State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson

“I am pleased that this agreement between Ohio and Louisiana will allow Ohioans who have concealed carry permits the same rights to carry a concealed handgun in the State of Louisiana, as well as Louisianans who have concealed carry permits to do the same in Ohio” said Attorney General DeWine in a press release

Also pleased with the agreement was Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal who said, “This is an important step as we work to ensure the rights of law-abiding gun owners are protected all across our nation. The Second Amendment protects our freedom, the right to defend ourselves and the ability to hunt and enjoy the great outdoors – and we must always honor and uphold those values in Louisiana.”

Ohio law permits CCW reciprocity with other states if a state has gun laws and eligibility requirements that are “substantially comparable” to Ohio’s.  It’s then up to the Ohio Attorney General to sign the agreement.  In Louisiana, the authority to enter into CCW reciprocity agreement falls under the jurisdiction of the Louisiana State Police. 

As it turns out, despite being almost 1000 miles away, Ohio and Louisiana’s concealed carry laws are very similar.  Both states require background checks and firearms training for one to be eligible for a concealed carry permit. 

“It is a pleasure for Louisiana to join with Ohio in expanding reciprocity of our respective concealed handgun permit programs.  Receiving a permit is an involved process, which requires training, as well as, submission to an extensive background investigation.   As such, we are proud to extend the rights to carry concealed to those who have successfully completed this process,” said Colonel Mike Edmonson.

However, because the laws are not exactly the same in both states Ohioans with CCW permits visiting, traveling through, moving to etc., the Bayou State and Louisianians with CCW permits visiting, traveling through, moving to etc. the Buckeye State should be advised of the nuances in the gun laws between the two states just to be safe, i.e. nuances related to issues of possession, transportation, storage, use of the concealed weapon, etc.

According to the Attorney General’s press release, “With the addition of Louisiana, Ohio now has reciprocity agreements with twenty one states.  With the addition of Ohio, Louisiana now has reciprocity agreements with thirty six states.”

Hopefully, one day all states will recognize a single CCW reciprocity agreement.

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