This Week in Video: Soldiers and 40mm Beanbags, 250 Melons Meet .50cal, and a Crowd Saves Someone Trapped under a Car

Meet The Eight Amish Guys Jailed For Refusing To Attach Orange Safety Triangles To Their Buggies. “Here are the booking photos of the eight members of an Amish sect who were ordered jailed by a Kentucky judge after they refused to pay fines for failing to affix orange safety triangles to their horse-drawn buggies.

“The men, who were booked Monday night into the Graves County jail, refused to pay the fines on grounds that their religion bars them from wearing or displaying bright colors. Jailed for misdemeanor contempt of court, the inmates were provided dark-colored jumpsuits in place of the standard issue orange coveralls.”

Stick it to the man, English!  Wait, we’re English.  What do the Amish call themselves? Deutsch?

This may also have something to do with the farting ban.

We had a fun week full of server splosion, and we’re sorry if any pictures you may have uploaded at any point in time got nuked.  They’re probably back now, but if not, let this be a reminder of our short time here on earth and the temporariness of lolcats and gun porn.  That being said we still covered all things gun, like the awesome and powerful once-wildcat-now-commercial pistol/carbine load, the .460 Rowland.  We asked a few questions, like should your representatives come from a gun background, and also, is it possible to have too many guns?

Who would have guessed that by slowing down automatic fire it’d be cooler?

In domestic news, Ohio and Florida struck a reciprocity deal for concealed-carry permit holders as part of their overland bridge project connecting the two states without having to step in Kentucky, Tennessee, or Mississippi.  It’s a bold statement.  Another win for concealed-carry happened, in of all places, Chicago.  This should come as no good news for the Brady Campaign, who traditionally doesn’t like that sort of thing.  But good news there as they’re hiring CEOs!  We think all gun-owners should apply and try to actually work to prevent gun violence.  And the Vicksburg P.D. of MI is auctioning off all their confiscated guns in order to buy new guns.

Mmmm, ma deuce…

Internationally, we went into how Afghanis have no fucking clue why the United States is all up in their provinces.  But honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if the same question were asked in the U.S. were answered similarly.  Asiatically, an ex-terrorist, after working with the Indonesian intelligence community, took down hundreds of Islamic extremists.  Feeling he hadn’t done enough, he wrote a comic steering kids away from killing in the name of religion.  In Mexico, there have been numerous calls to arm citizens in the effort to survive the ongoing drug war.  The mayor of Garcia, Mexico, has taken things one step further and is teaching Mexicans how to shoot.  Speaking of drug war, McCain up and called up Holder in a senate hearing about Fast & Furious.  ‘Bout time.

This is the coolest ad for a rifle we can’t get of all time.

We had plenty of salacious gun porn starting with Stag Arms’ affordable, entry-level competition AR all decked out with hot black Samson rails.  Springfield, also heavy in the competition game, rolled out an update to their 5.25″ XD(m), this time in the big bore: .45 ACP.  Beretta put out a video update on their upcoming 9mm modular single-stack polymer-framed striker-fired lots-of-dashes pocket pistol, the Beretta Nano, which we enjoyed greatly.  If you’re in the market for a superb auto shotty but only have three hundred bucks, you need to know about the Baikal MP-153.  And if you think revolvers are just for old-timers, think again.

Sometimes, not all the times, but sometimes, we like people.

And we reviewed a pair of pistols.  The diminutive Rohrbaugh R9, and the standard-bearing CZ 75 B, both in 9mm.  Everyone here truly believes that if you haven’t shot a CZ, you’re missing out.  Try one.  But in any case, thanks for reading and please, go shoot something.

Not a CZ, but another example of a standard-bearer. And some fine shooting, damn.

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