Georgia Firemen Who Pull 'Gunman Prank' On Rookies Now Under a Different Kind of Fire

Like oil and water, firearms and pranks do not mix.  That is to say, pranks involving firearms are never funny and often have the potential to put someone’s life at risk.  And even if one believes a prank involving a firearm is funny, he/she should look at the bigger picture and consider the way the prank misrepresents responsible gun owners.  In short, we’ve worked hard to earn a good reputation, don’t ruin it with your vain attempt to be the next Ashton Kutcher.

Case in point:

There are ways to teach someone how to safely handle a firearm.  Needless to say, lighting fireworks behind an individual who is inexperienced with firearms while she is handling a firearm is not one of them. 

Now in many ways that prank is mild in comparison to what several Georgia firemen dreamed up to scare a few rookies.   

Here’s the video of their “Rookie Prank”:

Depicted in the video is a faux, gun-welding assailant holding seven firemen and firewomen hostage.  Five of the seven were in on the prank; two rookies were not.  Toward the end of the video, the faux assailant takes a hostage to another area and a shot is fired.  Funny, right?

We all get it.  Hazing or harassing or pulling pranks on rookies is fun.  To some extent it builds camaraderie amongst co-workers and can help to keep things light in a stressful environment.  However, they should never involve guns. 

And with respect to this particular prank, as Macon-Bibb County Fire Department Chief Marvin Riggins noted upon seeing the video, “This is where the line is drawn… this prank got out of hand.”

Yes, this certainly got out of hand the minute someone decided to include a gun. 

Hopefully, this becomes – as they say- a “teachable moment” and those responsible for the prank are appropriately punished for their stupidity.   

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