Ammo Becoming More Affordable?: Get Up To $140 off Federal Premium Shotgun and Rifle Ammo

Federal Premium Ammunition is running two promotions, mostly on shotgun ammo but also for rifle ammo, with mail-in rebates, up to a hundred and forty bucks.  Depending on what caliber or gauge ammunition you get, the savings are up to about 25% off.

The big promotion is also almost over, it’s up at the end of this month.  But it’s $2 back for every box of Federal Premium Gold Medal Target shot, which runs around $8-10/box.  You can buy up to 50 boxes for $100 back in rebates.

Their second promotion is good to the end of the year, and is a one-time offer of up to $10 back for TruBall slugs or Barnes slugs, plus another $30 back for buying a mix of Vital Shok, Power Shok, and Fusion rifle ammunition; if you’re shooting .223 Remington/5.56 NATO that knocks off up to 25% of the list price, depending on where you shop.

It wasn’t all that long ago Corbon slashed their prices across the board.  With shooting back on the upswing, and price gouging supply meeting the demand since the 2008, uh, peak, we hope this is the beginning of a watershed-type deal for ammo prices.  Let the competing begin.

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