This Week in Video: Wall Street Occupied, Motorcycle Gangs, and Cardboard Warfare

Videos Show Police Brutality at Occupy Wall Street Protests: “Protesters at the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ demonstrations in and around New York City’s Financial District are being met with increasingly harsh police response. A growing number of videos show clashes between NYPD and activists, with police using tasers and mace on demonstrators.”

NYC Cop Addresses Occupy Wall Street: “Happily I am able to explain what our role is and [that] it is not designed to be confrontational. Last night as I walked in the pouring rain, I spoke with people holding posters, respectfully declined to participate in an impromptu meditation session, had a great discussion with a man playing the didgeridoo, (sharing my appreciation for it and aboriginal art) and explained to a person blocking the sidewalk to take a photo that they had to move on because they were blocking traffic, after they took their photo.”

Occupy Wall Street Only Growing Stronger: “To some degree, of course, the images from the protest have played a role in organically popularizing the movement. The pepper-spraying of innocent protesters last Saturday and the pictures of Wall Streeters doing their best Marie Antoinette impersonations—drinking champagne and mocking a protest march—have been particularly powerful.”

The last week of September just flew by.  Flying being one of the things JetBlue pilot Robert Paulson won’t be doing for a while following his arrest for “forgetting” to check his firearm.  He’s not the only person to go without dirtying his slate; three Houston police officers charged a kid with possession, confiscated his pot brownies, and ate them while still on duty.  And protesters aren’t the only ones getting shafted in New York; several retired NYPD first-responders were denied access to the 9/11 memorial on account of they were (legally) armed.

In other U.S. news, Windham Weaponry, nee Bushmaster, has re-opened its doors and started selling M4 carbines again.  That’s great news for people looking for well-made entry-level ARs.  SIG, too, has jumped into the stock AR carbine game, with their inexpensive (particularly for a SIG) direct-impingement M400.  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s taken to hunting in addition to raising all the food he eats.  And because we literally cannot go a week without hearing something shameful or disgusting about the ATF, here’s something shameful and disgusting about the ATF.

Of course, you don’t have to deal with a three-letter acronym to run into firearms-related hot water.  Issues can crop up very close to home should it turn out that friends and loved ones discover you’ve a passion for guns—when they don’t.  Worse still, they can affect relationships, but there are ways to cope and flex.  In the greater scheme of promoting firearms, we wondered aloud if President Obama is actually good for the gun industry, and we also explored why we’re so damn fascinated with shooting zombies.

Internationally, Russia has officially begun to retire the AK platform.  They’re looking for something modern, although some of the most advanced firearms won’t do (too expensive, too complex) such as is the case of the brilliant Russian AN-94.  Also, the last U.S.-operated radio outpost in Iraq is getting shut down as we continue to pull out of the country.  And for a children’s Koran competition, Somali pirates are giving the winning kids AKs in a bid to make Jesus Camp look lazy and short-sighted.

And of course, we reviewed guns.  If you’re looking for a pocket pistol, Kahr’s CM9 gets a lot of attention but might not be for everyone.  As far as service pistols, on the other hand, Steyr’s M-A1 is a solid option.  And if you’re looking for a beaut of an inexpensive surplus military rifle, but want something a little different from a (still fun and practical) Mosin Nagant, check out these Argentine 1891 Mausers.  If you’re flush, you might want to consider an H&K MP5.  And if all of those seem too… small, well, just get yourself into a tank already.

As always, thanks for reading and please, go shoot something.

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