Video: Augmented Skin Stops Bullets

So there’s this artist person who’s vat-grown skin (people skin) on a layer of spider silk.  Why?  Why not, really, seems to be the answer.  To find out if spider silk-embedded skin has real-world applications.  It turns out, it’s interesting stuff.  Like it scars less.  Oh, and it stops bullets.

To be honest, though, unless they decide to make people-skin bulletproof leather (which is super-creepy even if it is vat-grown) (no but for reals, for some reason it doesn’t seem at all weird to wear leather from dead cows over our bodies but it seems extra-weird to wear lab-manufactured “human” tissue for some reason) this may just stay firmly in the “Scientists are strange and the Internet finds the strangest ones” box.

Because nobody’s going to go through a tissue transplant for extra bulletproofocity.  It’s one of the most infection-prone types of surgery and it’s just not reasonable or ethical to bulletproof someone up unless their skin is already in need of replacing.

Yeah, you might see spider silk in other things like bone grafts and sutures, that absolutely makes sense.  And for tradition skin-graft needs we really hope it can improve the lives of patients everywhere.

But there’s another, more amazing skin-saving technology.  Currently only tested with second-degree burn victims, and still in its experimental prototype phase, you gotta see the Skin Gun.  (This is a bit graphic but also exceptional and beautiful.)

While being bulletproof in a few places is probably handy, the remarkably-whole Matt Uram shows a kind of recovery that just leaves us speechless.  Both of these technologies are sure to improve lives, and we applaud everyone involved.

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