Video: Colt's Rolling Out the RapidRange, a Modular, Outdoor Shooting Range

After more than a year of teasing people, Colt is pleased to announce that their Rapid Range bullet trap units are now available to purchase.  For how much we can’t say and it’s not necessarily important as the target market for modular, portable, expansive shooting ranges is decidedly not the general public.

Colt’s RapidRange come in three levels of durability, and their naming system is cryptic.  HG for handguns, R for rifles shooting up to 7.62mm, as well as handguns and shotguns, and MIL for rifles shooting up to 7.62mm bullets with steel penetrators, plus handguns and shotguns.  They can be used at any distance, and despite their ability to be kept in the out-of-doors, they work fine under rooves, too.

The RapidRange captures the bullets in a pull-out trough (green!) and doesn’t really need any maintenance to speak of since it has so few moving parts.  The main deflector plates on the MIL RapidRange are 3/8″ AR-500 ballistics steel and one unit weighs in at 2,700 pounds.

So we see that the primary benefit to these things is that they’re simple.  But one thing we can’t stop wondering is, if you have a bunch of say, engineers or even just bored people who want to learn to weld, would it be cheaper and maybe even easier to just make one?  It’s not like you can’t imagine how they’re put together.  The more you look at it, the more you realize how easy (and fun and cool) it would be to make your own bullet trap…

Great.  Now we need a personal shooting range.  Who here’s got a stick welder?

Price ranges between $12K to $25K based on type of model.  Contact Colt at 800-962-COLT for more info.

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