Video: Setpoint Ammunition Builds To-Order Bullets According to Your Recipes

Setpoint Ammunition is a company with a very cool idea.  You provide them with a handload recipe, and they produce a small batch of bullets to your exact specifications, and test it all with x-rays and lasers and science before shipping it out to you for factory-grade quality control.  You get a machine/computer-controlled environment churning out cartridges to your exact specifications.

“Setpoint’s system is simple: you determine your round around your rifle and Setpoint delivers that ammunition in any quantity required. Choose the bullet, case, powder, powder weight, and seating depth that best perform for you and your rifle, rather than tweaking your rifle and optic to match some small offering of factory loads.

“Simply stated, no one has more experience with delivering ultra-precision performance with combustibles than Setpoint. From the precision engineering of the automotive industry with airbag initiators to the consistent performance of mass-customized ammunition for the most elite law enforcement and military snipers, Setpoint is truly in a class all by itself.”

It’s more expensive than doing it yourself, (it’s a between $1.50 and $2 a round no matter how you load it) which is a solid wash on .308 ammo with Winchester brass but a much more attractive deal when it comes to .308 with Lapua brass, and all in all, you could easily spend more on super-premium ammo that’s still not made to your order, so we definitely like these guys.

sizing chart of different bullet tips by weight

But there’s the the one shortcoming: Setpoint only makes .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO.  Also, right now, they only have Federal Primers and Hodgdon powder, so not a whole lot of tailoring options there.

We really dig the idea of being able to send in an order for custom competition ammo that’s made with the kind of QC that you can only get with automation, and we understand it’s going to be expensive, you’re paying for someone else to do a pretty intensive kind of work for you, but we really hope Setpoint starts offering primarily more calibers and also including a few more options, particularly powder options.

But all in all, cool company, cool idea, whether you’re a target shooter, an operator, or a hunter.  They’ve got a bullet for you.

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