Video: Wanna Drive a Tank?!

Wanna drive a tank for vacation?  Wanna drive a tank through a brick building?  Over cars?  Shoot classic black rifles, machine guns, and also, get to drive a tank?  Of course you do!  This isn’t some kind of trick question, answering Yes damn it, of course! means you’re still breathing.  Fortunately for you, Kasota, Minnesota entrepreneurs behind Drive A Tank, offer exactly such an experience.

And honestly, it’s not that expensive.  $500/person for the entry-level package.  You even get your own car to crush!

They have five authentic British cavalry pieces (the United States never surplussed theirs, boo) that, while they have been “deactivated”, still shoot blanks, which is okay because, let’s be honest, it’s mostly about making the tank go boom.

“Your time with us includes an introduction to armored vehicles, how they were used and who used them. A tour of our storage, maintenance and restoration facility is also included to give you an in depth view of our armored vehicle collection. You will see the inner workings and mechanical wonders of these amazing vehicles.

“After a short safety and Tank Controls 101, you will take the controls of the two tanks. The first vehicle that will test your tank driving skills will be the FV 433 Abbott. The 105mm gun barrel points you in a forward position to complete your first course run. For this exercise, the tanker’s hatch will be open, giving you excellent view of your surroundings and your mission.

“Next, we test you to see if you have what it takes to drive a tank in a “combat” type situation. You will attempt to navigate the speedy FV432 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) through the course with the driver’s hatch closed, using nothing more than the periscope to navigate, just like a seasoned tanker in enemy territory.”

Then, after they put the tanks away, you get to go nuts at their private, indoor range with all the class III guns you’ve always wanted to go nuts with.  Anyway, check ’em out; makes a damn fine excuse to visit Minnesota:

Drive A

You guys… you guys offer a press discount?

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