Meet the SCAR-H PR: FN's Sniper Support Rifle

Unveiling it just a few days prior to its launch at the Parisian MILPOL firarms expo, Fabrique Nationale is proudly showing off their latest design, the SCAR-H PR, for Heavy Precision Rifle.  It’s a support rifle for spotters that need to reach out and touch people from 600 meters out.

A handful of changes make this rifle different from the proven SCAR-H, a rifle expressly built to meet the demands of SOCOM.  It shares its predecessor’s 20-inch heavy barrel and extremely reliable short-stroke adjustable gas piston system and stout receivers (all pros for sustained fire).  It also uses FN’s non-STANAG 7.62 magazines, which operate like AR magazines (and are available in 10- and 20-round capacities).

socom scar-h rifle with a scope

The PR has an extended upper receiver, increasing its iron sights’ usefulness to over a third of a mile, and it keeps the same folding, adjustable buttstock and cheek riser. 

Of course, you can put whatever kind of optic you want on it, and extend that quite a bit; as it’s chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, its effective range can be a good deal further out; most manufacturers claim the cartridge is only good to 800m, but there are plenty of people who have proven otherwise.

scar-h rifle photo

The big change is to a 2-stage trigger.  Gone is the battle rifle trigger, the SCAR-H PR uses a target-style 2-stage trigger for added ease of putting lead down the barrel precisely.  The other major difference is weight, and it’s not all from the beefy flash hider.  That extended rail puts a lot more metal on the rifle, and ups it from 8.2lbs to 9.9lbs.  Probably helps with the recoil, tho’.

scar rifle photo

It’s a semi-automatic rifle and it fires from a closed bolt, so even though this is a gun designed with the Special Operations Command in mind, it’s completely civvy-legal.  The price won’t be announced ’til MILPOL later this month, but given that it’s a SCAR, we’re going to assume it’s, you know, lots.  Hopefully it’ll come in close to three large.

scar-h pr promotional rifle

Fabrique Nationale makes guns with soldiers in mind, but their guns are just as popular with the rest of the world, and we’re pretty sure the SCAR-H PR will be no exception.

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