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Whether you know it or not, Guns.com spends a lot of time thinking about you.  Be it over design, content or the countless other endeavors associated with running a functioning web-based media source, much of our day revolves around pondering what you want, and thinking up ways to bring you a better, more comprehensive product, one that succeeds in informing, provoking thoughts, entertaining and inspiring.

Which lays the scene for our special announcement, because, as our first birthday approached (it’s some time in October if you’re thinking of getting us anything), the guys at Guns.com came to the conclusion it just wasn’t right to let it go by without somehow marking the occasion.

Unanimously, we wanted whatever we did to resonate with our audience, but we also wanted it to really pay tribute to them as well.  You are the reason for the site’s success and we felt we owed it to you to show you how much of an influence you’ve had on us from 2010 to 2011 by giving you something that demonstrated this.

Figuring out exactly how to do this turned into an exercise in reflection and we really tried to get to heart of what we do here at Guns.com and what the site has become.  Throughout the course of pondering this question, we came to the conclusion that Guns.com, if it’s anything more than a magazine on a computer, is a hub for a nation of gun owners.  By virtue of the internet, people from all different backgrounds living in an unfathomable degree of places not just read what we print, but essentially read it together, commenting on what they like, think, don’t like and want more of.

It’s this shared experience that we honed in on.  As gun-owning Americans, we all of us salute the same flag, but, just as to truly paint of picture of United States you have to understand the regional variants, so must be true with the regional variants in gun culture.

Owing to a thousand variables, too numerous and boring to name here, we settled on Charleston, South Carolina, as the site for our first birthday party with the journalistic determination to uncover how guns factor into the culture of this region of South Carolina and how this region contributes to America’s broader gun culture.

We found the thesis as provocative as it was formulaic: a blanket proposition that speaks to the interplay between American identity and firearms and one that is additionally as applicable to Charleston as it is Dallas, New York City, or Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

So, without a moment’s hesitation more, we would like to present to you, our faithful readers, a week of special programming that, through an examination of regional pursuits, attitudes and quirks, at least attempts to answer the question, “What are guns to Charleston, South Carolina, and what is Charleston to guns.”

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