Marlin Goes Laminate for 2012 with their Model 336

Marlin, who earlier this year gave its longtime supporters a “going out of business” scare when they shut down one factory in order to open a new one, is making slight changes to their iconic Model 336 lever-action rifle.  They’re, ah, putting a different stock on it.

That’s good news for purists, in that they’re not breaking any molds, here, and bad news for people who want to see Marlin do a little more innovation or bring back the 336 in any calibers other than .30-30 and .35 Remington.  Although most Marlin fans out there are probably happy they just had to re-tool their equipment and not close their doors forever.

The Marlin 336 was introduced in 1936 and to-date is the second most successful rifle in America, although a close second to the Winchester Model 94.  Its side-ejection port makes mounting a scope on it easy, and its micro-groove rifling delivers lead downrage with supreme accuracy.  And starting next year, it’s getting a laminate stock.

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