The Ruger LCP, Zombie Slayer Edition

We love Ruger’s guns.  How can anyone not?  They’re heavy, simple, and as far as firearms go, indestructible.  If you were going to pick a gun company to be on a rally poster during a zombie apocalypse, Ruger would definitely be in the running.  And we love zombies, as we’ve gone on about before.  But, ah, we’re not sure what we think about this.

Ruger’s gone and made a zombie-slayer LCP.  Not a Mini 30.  Not a GP100.  Yep, when all bets are off and the world is out to eat your brains, you know you can always trust your good ol’ pocket pistol, your single-stack 9mm subcompact, your LCP.

But we also recognize that zombies are fiction.  And that we’d like to see more zombie-themed merchandise.  Like zombie knives, zombie cars, and zombie Grape Nuts (for strengthening your jaw muscles.  Hey, if you become one of them, it’ll pay to have good chompers).

The only thing that confuses us is why didn’t they call it the LCZ?  That would make so much more sense.  So who here’s thinking about it?  C’mon, you can tell us.  We’re all friends… Anyone gonna just get a PF-9 and paint it green?

The LCPs will be distributed by Talo and come with the survival guide for $360.  You do have some Z-Max on order, right?


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