Crossman's Tacticool Pump 355-shot BB/Pellet Gun, the M417

Crossman’s touting their “next-generation” air rifle, and we don’t really know or care how advanced it is, we wanna.  The M417 can shoot both pellets and BBs of .177 caliber, and is dead ringer, at least in BB gun terms, for an AR rifle.  And they’re priced to move.

Of course, the eagle-eyed will spot differences between an M417 and a real firearm, but honestly, who cares.  We’re actually a little surprised they didn’t put an orange “flash hider” on it, it being, at a glance, so realistic.  It even has adjustable sights with a dual-aperture flip up real sight.  It’s pretty convincing, right up to the point where you start pumping it, anyway.


The M417’s reservoir holds 350 BBs and the “magazine” holds both a clip of 5 pellets as well as the airgun’s sight adjustment tool.  Its projectiles move respectably fast at 660 FPS for BBs and 625 for 7.9 grain pellets.  So it’s not an airgun for hunting or varminting, just plinking, but we’re still OK with that.  The pellet clips are removable, so you can preload a bunch before heading out (they’re the same as the Firepow’r 5-shot pellet clips used by Crossman’s used with the Pumpmaster 760 and Recruit air rifles).


And the sights are removable, and the flat-top Picatinny rail will accept any standard accessories, from cheap plinking red dots to actual combat optics, if you’re into that sort of thing. 

 “The M417 has an impressive look and feel, and is inexpensive to shoot. You’ll be surprised at what a great time you have shooting it. Once it’s all tricked-out with your favorite accessories, you’ll be ready to ‘take it outside’ and shoot up your favorite targets. Or for family fun, get two rifles and have a plinking competition with Grandpa… or Grandma for that matter,” said Tom Clark, Crosman domestic product manager.


So it’s a little tacticalicious, it’s only really for playing around with (caution: is not a toy, etc.) and not much else.  Why are we giddy?  The MSRP is $120.  So it’s perfect for your kid’s next big gift.  Oh wait, that’s right, these are not toys.  Well, they’re just going to have to let you shoot it, keep it in your closet, shoot it, and shoot it some more.  Maybe when they’re older…

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