‘Silencers Are Legal’ Website Goes Live

Do you own a silencer?  Do you know if it’s legal to own a silencer in your state (assuming, of course, you’re a US resident)?  Do you want a silencer?  

SilencerCo, a firearm suppressors manufacturer has created a new website to help you answer those questions in addition to any other questions you may have regarding silencers for your firearms. 

Oh, yeah, the name of the website is cleverly titled “Silencers Are Legal.”  Yet upon further review, perhaps it should be named “Silencers Are Legal – (at least for some).”  

When I went to the site I was greeted with this unfortunate but accurate message regarding my home state CA:

What’s cool about the website is that it recognizes your IP address and adjusts the site’s content to conform to where you live (presumably your IP address matches your home state). 

However, you can also manually adjust the site to see a different state’s laws and regulations with respect to silencers. 
For example, I went to Alaska and it gave me this cool message:

And, if silencers are illegal in your state, there’s information to help you track down the powers that be (state lawmakers) who could help make silencers legal in your state.

In addition to the legal info, “Silencers Are Legal” contains sections that discuss the History, Benefits, Ownership Details, more Questions & Answers, and a Dealer Map.

For Example:

Why are suppressors so popular?

Suppressors save hearing, increase situational awareness, improve accuracy and most importantly save lives. Suppressors can be used for personal protection, hearing protection, hunting, increased accuracy, benefits for professionals and it is your right.

Josh Waldron, CEO of SilencerCo wrote this about his new site, “There is so much misinformation and lack of knowledge when it comes to suppressors and silencers that we felt the best way to help educate and provide information to anyone interested in owning a suppressor/silencer was to launch this website. The ‘Silencers Are Legal’ website will answer any questions that someone who has ever thought about owning a suppressor/silencer and show them that yes, indeed Silencers are in fact legal.”

I suppose I can keep writing about this website and its one-stop-shop status in relation to supressors/silencers, or you can just check it out yourself: “Silencers Are Legal.”

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