Update: Savage is Announcing Several New Firearms and Packages

Today, Savage is going to be announcing a slew of new offerings and packages, starting with their new Trophy Hunter XP package.

3 savage trophy hunter xp rifles in a rack

“Check out the new Trophy Hunter XP packages. These come with a 3-9×40 Nikon BDC scope, which is a considerable upgrade over previous packages we have offered. It is completely compatible with Nikon’s proprietary Spot-On ballistic software. We anticipate actual sales prices to be $499 to $599 for the blue/syn, $549 $649 for blue/wood and $599 to $699 for stainless/synthetic.”

That’s a hell of an upgrade over their old Simmons optics, without a doubt, even if it’s a BDC scope from Nikon’s entry-level scope line, the Prostaff BDC, although we do hope it’s the 3-9×40 from their Buckmaster series.  They haven’t announced what model rifles are going into these packages, but if their other packages are anything to go by, they’ll be Model 10s, 11s, 16s, and their variants.  From the photo, it does not look like they have accutriggers.  But at those prices, we’re not totally disappointed.

Update 1:

This little gem:

“This is the new Stevens Model 320 Security pump. It features a pistol grip stock, rotary bolt and Ghost Ring sights. Suggested retail is $260.”

$260?  They’re going to sell these shotguns faster than they can make them, even if it’s just a different stock on their excellent Savage 350 Pump Security.

“Here’s Cathy with the Rascal. You’ve seen other micro-sized guns but not one like this. It is safer (manual safety, accutrigger and can be unloaded without pulling the trigger). It’s easier to use (feed ramp, cocks on bolt lift) and it’s more accurate (accutrigger, adjustable peep sights).”

No price listed on their new Rascal, but it’s a Savage .22, it’s not going to break the bank even with a target trigger.  Definitely going to give other small .22s a run for the money.  Also, we’re assuming it’s going to be chambered in .22 Long Rifle; we do have our fingers crossed that it’ll be available in other small calibers.

Update 2:

And here they come!

The Lady Hunter is available in a bunch of popular calibers. Renee from Hornady can’t wait to get one in 6.5 Creedmoor.”

No specs or prices yet, just photos.

Update 3:

Here we go again, sounds like this is the final push…

And a couple of lefties finally show up:

And lastly, a teaser video for what’s in stock for the future:

Man, when it comes to Savage, even beggars can be choosers.

We cannot wait to play with these…

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