Texas CCW Instructor Gets Warning from Texas DPS for Anti-Muslim/Obama Message (VIDEO)

Texas CCW instructor Crockett Keller wants to teach you how to properly handle a firearm – unless you’re a “socialist liberal,” a “non-Christian Arab or Muslim,” or a registered voter who supported the “current campaigner-in-chief.” 

In a radio ad that aired for six days on KHLB, a Mason Texas radio station, Keller promoted his concealed handgun course, which promised to teach students how to “be a victor, not a victim.” 

But toward the end of the ad, Keller issued the following caveat, “If you are a socialist liberal and/or voted for the current campaigner-in-chief, please do not take this class. You have already proven that you cannot make a knowledgeable and prudent decision as required under the law,” Keller forewarns. “Also, if you are a non-Christian Arab or Moslem, I will not teach you the class. Once again, with no shame, I am Crockett Keller, (325) 347-0055. Thank you and God bless America.”  

The ad went viral and garnered a range of responses from all sorts of advocacy groups and political pundits.

The Texas Council on American-Islamic Relations called the ad ugly rhetoric undeserving of media attention, according to the Associated Press.

While others have called Keller’s phone number from the ad to protest his “bigotry” and, allegedly, threaten his life.  

But they weren’t the only ones to chime in on the matter; the Texas Department of Public Safety is currently investigating to determine whether the suspension or revocation of Keller’s license to teach CCW courses is in order.  

The Texas DPS issued the following statement several days ago:

“The Texas Department of Public Safety certifies individuals to teach coursework and provide training required to be taken by individuals seeking to qualify for a Texas concealed handgun license. Certified instructors are required to comply with all applicable state and federal statutes. Conduct by an instructor that denied service to individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion would place that instructor’s certification by the Department at risk of suspension or revocation.”

“The Department became aware of the statements in question yesterday and has begun an investigation into the matter. The Department will take appropriate administrative action based on the findings from the investigation.”

What was the impetus behind the controversial ad?  Was it a joke?  Was it meant to drum up business?  Was it a political statement? 

In an interview Keller claimed he became “flabbergasted” after learning about several neighbors who left the area to campaign for Obama.  Additionally, he thought that several “socialist liberals” might try to enroll in his course. 

“I didn’t want them to show up and have to tell them no,” he said.

As for the Muslim disclaimer, he added that later almost as an afterthought. 

“I got to thinking, ‘Hmm, I’m arming the enemy,'” Keller said.

Some of Keller’s neighbors suggested that he is not the rigid ideologue he appears to be.

Scott Haupert, co-owner of the Sandstone Cellars Winery, said in an interview, “I voted for Obama and I’ll vote for Obama again.  If I signed up to take his gun control class, he would not reject me.”

“He’s a character and likes attention,” said Diane Eames, a jeweler who owns a shop in Mason. 

What are your thoughts on Keller and his radio ad?

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