Man Hides Arm in Leg: Doctors Discover Concealed Gun in Patient’s Prosthesis

Last week, doctors at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, Australia phoned police after medical staff discovered a handgun in the room of a 66-year old patient.

At the time, the man was recovering from his second amputation surgery (we don’t know the medical condition but if we’re speculating wildly, our money would be on diabetes).  He apparently smuggled the undisclosed make of gun into the hospital, “secreted under a stocking in [his] prosthesis” in the words of the New South Wales authorities (who it appears speak the King’s English).

Upon discovery of the weapon, the entire hospital was placed on lock-down.  Law enforcement officials recovered the pistol and pulled two rounds of ammunition off of the patient’s 23-year old girlfriend and 18-year old son.  They also charged the trio under various Australian gun laws: the two guys got possession of an unauthorized firearm and possession of ammunition without a license while stumpy’s special lady was only charged with unlicensed ammo possession (which believe it or not is a crime in Australia).

We think that last part is a real shame.  It’s important to note that nobody was harmed during this episode and police officers are still unclear as to why the man took his gun to the hospital in the first place. can’t say for sure why this man felt the need to come to (and leave) the hospital packing, but we’d guess the fact that he’s 66 and about to lose both his legs had something to do with it.

Losing your pins is a pretty crummy state of affairs and we’d bet a chicken dinner the loss of one’s ability to ambulate (and defend themselves effectively) would be pretty darn scary.

So accordingly, would just like to make this plea to the powder wigs with the Sydney Justice System: go easy on this guy.  There aren’t many benefits to losing a limb aside from hiding things like weapons in them.

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