Party Like It's 1877: Colt's Remaking Bulldog Gatling Guns (VIDEO)

Colt’s back in the Gatling gun business.  It is an operational, full-size, five-barreled Bulldog Gatling gun, with a gravity-driven .45-70 magazine.  A good arm can get it to crank out 800 rounds per minute.  It’s brass and it’s beautiful.

It’s got a graduated sight that’s good out to 1,000 yards, should you find yourself taking on forces from afar, and it’s high build and finish quality are at a standard set for museums and galleries.  It stows easily in three boxes deluxe transit chests, two for the bottom and top halves of the tripod and one for the gun itself.

The Bulldog Gatling gun is made entirely from period materials, brass, steel, iron, and walnut.  You do have to contact Colt directly as a dealer for one of these, and no word on availability, price, etc., and the warranty’s just one year.  But we don’t care about that.

We want a Gatling gun.

Interestingly enough, these are completely legal to own for anyone who can own a firearm.  These guns, because they’re hand-cranked, don’t count as automatic.  So you don’t have to worry about tax stamps or registration.  Just… just a lot of .45-70 and Brasso.

Word on the street is that these suckers cost about $50K a piece.

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