The Krieghoff K20 Over/Under: One Shotgun, Three Gauges

Krieghoff shotguns belong above hearths, if not a art galleries—they do manufacture “Exhibition Grade” firearms.  The fact that they’re extremely durable, reliable shotguns just adds to their class.  And it’s not just looks, as Krieghoff puts a lot of thought on what goes on on the insides of their guns, too.

The K20 is an exemplary display of both the gun’s artistic properties as well as engineering traits.  Built on a 20 gauge frame, the aptly-named K20 comes with six barrels, either 30 or 32 inches long, two in 20 gauge, two in 28 gauge, and two in .410, and can chamber up to 3-inch shells, so you have one glorious over/under for every occasion.

The K20 comes with five top and bottom chokes, although many more are available from Krieghoff, in titanium as well as steel.  The trigger is set at 3½ pounds and is adjustable for finger length.  It uses a pearl front sight and brass center bead, and has a single top-tang safety.

But all of that takes a step back when you see the incredible work done to the receivers.  It leaves us speechless.  The variety of finishes work all the mechanical details into their form, blending engineering and craft.  They filigree gold over blue, patina with case-hardened steel.  All the work is done by hand, as is the checkering on the European walnut stocks, which are finished with satin epoxy.

These shotguns are built to order and will feature any specifications you ask for, from the dimensions of the furniture, to the 50-odd engravings they feature.

They are truly luxury shotguns, and not for those on a budget.  “If you have to ask…”  Krieghoff K-20s start at around ten thousand dollars.  United States dollars.  But they are instant heirlooms.

And it’s nice to look at them, even just in pictures.  For the history of the Krieghoff family and their innovative, stunning firearms, read this.

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