Oklahoma ‘Make My Day Law’ Extended to Employees and Businesses (VIDEO)

The Sooner State has taken a step forward with respect to an individual’s right to defend himself/herself.  That is, it’s now legal for business owners and employees to use deadly force when they fear their lives are in danger.

Last Tuesday, HB 1439 went into effect and expanded the state’s ‘Make My Day Law,’ which provides for the use of deadly force against intruders in the home, to include the workplace.

The amendment to the new law reads that an owner, manager of or employee of a business, with a reasonable fear of death or imminent death, would have the right to use deadly force if threatened.

When signing the bill into law this past May, Gov. Mary Falling called the passage of the measure a victory for law-abiding Oklahomans and gun owners and a defeat for the criminals who would threaten them.

Many Okies have embraced the extension of the ‘Make My Day Law.’

Mike Hall, founder and president of H&H Shooting Sports Outlet, supports the law and told local reporters, “It’s critical that all of us, no matter who we are, that we should feel safe.”

“Actually, we were limited, in a business, to what we were capable of being able to do,” Hall added. “And that’s sort of sad.”

But now knowing that his employees can legally protect themselves, Hall feels that it will lead to safer working environments. 

“Anything that puts a question in a bad guy’s mind, that’s a good thing, Safer stores, safer people,” he said.

However, not every business owner believes guns belong in the workplace. 

Pharmacist David Nicklas, told News-Star.com, that he has no intention of having a firearm at Harrison Discount Pharmacy.

“We don’t do guns here…I don’t have any need for it,” he said.

Nicklas said he supported the Second Amendment, but thought that with other security measures already in place, they’d let police handle any issues.

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