Entry-Level Custom ARs: Del-Ton DTI TRX Shipping

We’ve been looking forward to this for weeks.  Del-Ton, solid manufacturer of inexpensive but high quality ARs has been working on a tacticalicious rifle decked out in Troy furniture.  Really easy to look at with its extended rail.  And good news for everyone in dusty climes: the TRX will be available with your choice of black or desert tan furniture.

Del-Ton DTI TRX ar

“It is the external accessories that really set the TRX model apart from a standard AR 15 rifle. Included on this weapon is a Troy Industries Battle Ax stock and a Troy Extreme TRX 13-inch handguard covering a Troy low profile gas block. The TRX handguard is a free float tube style with detachable mil spec 1913 Picatinny rail sections that are able to be mounted on the handguard for any required mission specific accessories.


“This lightweight and comfortable handguard has an extra rear Picatinny rail ‘bridge’ that meets up with the rail of the upper receiver and provides a continuous, uninterrupted rail on top. The Troy Battle Ax stock offers a very comfortable and repeatable cheek-weld and has a significant space for storage via its buttplate. Also included on the rifle is the Troy DOA/STD flip up rear sight and HK/M4 folding front sight, as well as a Troy BattleMag magazine. The rear sight has both short and long range apertures (0-300m/500m), and their design offers incredibly fast target acquisition.”

Del-Ton DTI TRX muzzle

One functional part of the TRX rifles that makes them stand apart from the vast majority of ARs out there is its mid-length gas system; the short carbine gas system, while popular, does cause the gun to cycle faster and more sharply, in most cases.  Plus, there aren’t that many AR owners who can throw a grenade launcher around that barrel cutout…

Del-Ton DTI TRX in black

The TRXs have an MSRP of $1,250, which isn’t quite in the same range as other Del-Ton rifles ($750-830) but as we’ve said before, you’d have a hard time building this gun for the same price, even if you started from scratch.

Del-Ton DTI TRX detail

Del-Ton might have a thing or two up their sleeve, though.  The full name of this rifle is the DTI TRX16.  Given that this 6.8-pound rifle has itself a 16-inch heavy-profile barrel, (1:9 twist) we have to wonder how long it’ll be before they make on with a 20-inch barrel?

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