LaserLyte Side Mount Laser for Ruger LC9 and Kel-Tec PF9 (VIDEO)

LaserLyte is now making a side-mounted laser for the Ruger LC9 and Kel-Tec PF9, and it will be shipping to retailers starting next month.  We really like side-mounted lasers because they make holster selection a whole lot easier.  And these lasers won’t break the bank, either.

The LaserLyte operates on four 377 batteries, and they include a set of spares.  The batteries have a running time of up to five hours, and up to ten in pulse mode.

They’re easy to install, they just use two pins holes on the guns; you push the LaserLyte’s pins through the gun and it’s on, no gunsmith required.  And it’s of course fully-adjustable.


  • Compatible with both the Ruger LC9 and the Kel-Tec PF9
  • Power Output: 5mw
  • Laser Module: 650nm
  • Weight: .40 ounces/11.34g
  • Length: 4.22 inches/107.20mm
  • Width: .58 inches/14.74mm
  • Height: .380 inches/9.71mm

Adding just a dozen grams of weight to your gun shouldn’t be noticeable, that’s less than what a cartridge weighs.  But the best thing is probably the price: it has an MSRP of $110 and in the real world, that means around $80.  This is a great addition to these conceal-carry pistols.

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