Weatherby's Gearing up for 2012 with All-New Vanguard Series 2 Rifles

As innovative, effective, and cool as those custom Lazzeroni rifles were, some people just don’t want a six thousand dollar rifle that shoots hand-crafted bullets at five bucks a pop.

Weatherby’s updated their Vanguard series to meet just about any hunter or target shooter’s needs.  Called the Vanguard 2, these solid rifles are all priced reasonably, and are available as rifles, carbines, kits, and youth models; Weatherby’s got something for everyone.

Vanguard Series 2 Synthetic Blue

Vanguard Series 2 Synthetic Stainless

Most of the rifles come with Weatherby’s Griptonite stocks; all of them are guaranteed to shoot one minute of aim or less at a hundred yards.  They also all come with 2-stage adjustable triggers.  Some have internal magazines, others, detachable box.

Vanguard Series 2 Combo

Vanguard Series 2 Carbine

The varminter rifles are chambered in .223 Win., .22-250 Rem., and .308 Win., which prompts us to wonder, what the hell kind of varmints, exactly, are pestering Weatherby?  The youth model adds .243 Win. and 7mm-08 Rem. to that list, where most of the other rifles are additionally chambered in .240 Wby., .25-06 Rem., .270 Win., .30-06 Sprg., .257 Wby. Mag, .270 WSM, 7mm Rem. Mag, .300 Win. Mag, .300 WSM, .300 Wby. Mag, and .338 Win. Mag.

Vanguard Series 2 Varmint Special

Vanguard Series 2 Deluxe

Weatherby’s got two types of rifle kits as well; one that comes with Leupold rings and a Simmons scope, a 3.5-10x40mm optic with Simmons’ Truplex reticle, as well as another one that’s rifle, optic, and carrying case, for just two bills more.

Vanguard Series 2 DBM (Detachable Box Magazine)

Vanguard Series 2 Sporter DBM

These Weatherby rifles and carbines have MSRPs in-line with the original Vanguard series, with most prices between $550 and $1100.  When they hit shelves next year, expect to pay between $400-900.

Vanguard Series 2 Range Certified

Vanguard Series 2 Range Certified Varmint

Weatherby isn’t just updating their Vanguard series; they’re also adding a new Mark V rifle, the Accumark .338 Lapua.  Go ahead, guess what it’s chambered in.  This particular rifle is rated out to 1,000 yards, yet weighs a scant 9 pounds.  It also has a free-floating barrel, recessed target crown, and Accubrake.  It’ll run you about two grand.

Vanguard Series 2 Youth

Mark V Accumark .338 Lapua

All said and done, between these new Weatherby Vanguards and Savage’s updated Axis rifles (which we still think might be the worst product name ever for weapons), if you’re thinking about getting a bolt-gun in the coming weeks or months, but don’t want to break the bank, they got you covered.  Isn’t that nice?

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