Barnes' New Bullets and Ammo, For Hunting, Competition, and Duty

Barnes introduced four new bullets and a new addition to a line of ammunition, which will be available in 2012. A little something for everyone, with updates to their LRX, Match Burner, M/LE, and Varmin-A-Tor bullets, as well as their VOR-TX loaded ammunition.

Barnes LRX Long Range Hunting Self Defense Bullets Ammo Ammunition Reloader Reload

The LRX bullet is a long-range hunting bullet, which is designed as a solid copper projectile with a steep ogive and a boattail. They’re polymer-tipped hollowpoints, which are about as proven a design as it gets. Barnes will be updating the LRX with 6.5mm, 7mm, and .338 Lapua bullets.

Barnes Match Burners Bullets Ammo Ammunition Reloader Reload

Match Burner bullets are designed to have a decent sectional density, but above all, an extremely high ballistics coefficient. The Match Burners, in the right hands, are capable of 1/2 MOA accuracy out to 1000 yards, which is nothing to sneer at. Barnes will be adding a 7mm bullet to this line of bullets designed for the competitive shooter.

Barnes M/LE Lead Free Tactical Bullets Military Law Enforcement Ammo Ammunition Reloader Reload

M/LE bullets are tactical. We know this, because they are polymer tipped, and the polymer is black. They’re also designed to feed and function specifically in short-barreled ARs, and expand at lower, say subsonic, velocities. Getting on the bandwagon, Barnes is now in the tactical 300 BLK bullet business.

Barnes Varmint Ator Explosive Deadly Accurate Bullet Ammo Ammunition Reloader Reload

And finally, the Varmin-A-Tor bullets are for the little things in life. That you want to make asplode. And asplode them you shall, as strictly speaking, the Varmin-A-Tor projectile is being reintroduced; it had quite the following back then. Varmin-A-Tors will first be made in .20 caliber bullets from 32-50 grains, and 6mm in 58 and 72 grain bullets.

Barnes Vor-Tx Ammunition Bullets Hunting Ammo Ammunition Reloader Reload

VOR-TX, their line of loaded hunting ammo, is getting two new rifle and two new handgun cartridges, in .35 Whelen, 300 BLK, .41 Rem. Mag, and .454 Casull. VOR-TX ammo is grooved to split apart effortlessly, expanding quickly to its maximum diameter, making it exceptionally deadly (as far as bullets go).

Barnes has a strong customer base and has won many awards for their innovations in ammunition design. Their products are above all, reliable; they’re reliably accurate, they’re reliably effective. And while we appreciate Barnes’ dedication to some of the lesser-used calibers, we have high hopes that their addition of 6.5mm and 300 BLK bullets is a good omen for those chamberings.

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