Colt's Getting its MOE On

After years and years of Colt M4s and years and years of Magpul furniture, the two have finally come together at the factory.  Yup, the upcoming LE6920MP (catchy, ain’t it) will be a standard Colt carbine all dressed up with a MOE stock, handguard, and grip.

The two companies are kinda all over each other, and we expect their press-released PDAs to continue for some time.colt m4 carbine on white background

“Magpul has earned its reputation for developing and manufacturing some of the most innovative firearm accessories available, and by making those accessories available as standard equipment on the new Colt LE6920MP we feel confident this firearm will be one of the highest quality products available,” said Colt VP David Ridley.  “By combining Colt’s quality firearm with Magpul’s popular accessories and offering them together in one standard product we are giving customers an option to save time and money.”

Magpul Industries Senior Director Drake Clark went on about Colt by saying, “The Colt name has been synonymous with quality, reliability and pride in craftsmanship for decades.  The integration of Magpul’s industry leading designs into Colt’s top quality AR-15s brings tremendous value to the customer.”

Following those releases, Colt whispered, “Besides, Magpul’s got a cute butt,” which was overhead; Magpul then pinched Colt in the arm and said, “Later, you can flip up my iron sights…”  And they both giggled.

The LE6920MP is rigged for close-quarters use with the new, more vertical MOE-K pistol grip and also a forward vertical grip.  The carbine-length rifle also comes with two magazines, PMAGs. They’re already on their way to stores, and should sell for $1200 or so. They will be available in black, olive drab, and flat dark earth.

colt m4 carbine magazines

Of course we think Magpul and Colt are a good match.  They have similar interests, even though they come from different backgrounds.  Their strengths are super-complimentary; Magpul makes rifle furniture, Colt makes rifles.  But we do wonder if all the cutesy-wootsiness will ever get annoying.

“Combining our products and giving shooters a quality rifle complete with accessories straight out of the box is something we’re excited to offer shooters.  It is likely that this will not be the last product to come from this partnership.”

God.  Get a room!

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