Three California Colts: Now with More Bullet Button

Don’t call it an AR!  This is a Colt, uh, Two-Two-Three, which is not-at-all an AR-platform rifle.  We know this because Stoner didn’t include a bullet button on his rifles.  And as long as no one calls it an AR and Colt recesses that mag release, Californians can own… some rifles.  Yup, just a handful of Two-Two-Threes.

Three models are making their way to the Golden State by means of holes that loop, the LE6920CA, which is a stock carbine M4-style AR-15 rifle, the LE6940CA, which is a railed rifle with a monolithic upper receiver, and the LE6920CMP, which is the California-compliant version of Colt and Magpul’s lovechild, all stitched up in MOE threads.

The 6920 has a 16-inch barrel with a 1:7 twist for heavier bullets, and standard M4 sights and furniture.  It’s nice and lightweight, at a hair under 6lbs dry.  The 6940 also has a 16-inch barrel with a 1:7 twist, but the barrel is completely free-floated under the quad rail.  It uses flip-up sights and uses M4 furniture for the grip and stock.  They’ll be available in black and tactical noire.

The 6920CMP is the same as the 6920, but with a carbine-length set of MOE stocks and grips, specifically the new rubberized MOE-K grip.  It uses second-generation Magpul BUIS as well.  Unlike the rest-of-the-world version, the CMP isn’t likely to come with a Magpul magazine, since Magpul doesn’t make ’em in ten-rounders.  These will come in black, olive drab, and flat dark earth.

These rifles thread the needle and should make more than a few California residents happy.  “We are pleased to offer such a varied assortment of rifles for California.  This selection of guns, complete with the necessary bullet button, give sportsmen numerous options when choosing a quality Colt rifle that meets the state’s compliance requirements.”  David Ridley, Colt VP.  They should be on shelves in 2012 for around a grand.

And if this whole bullet button thing confuses you, here’s what the requirement, uh, requires:

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