'Sons of Guns' Season 3 airs Tonight at 9 pm (SNEAK PEAK)

Clear some space on your TiVo’s gunnies, Red Jacket Firearms crew is back for season three of Sons of Guns, premiering tonight, December 7, at 9:00 EST.  In the past, we’ve seen these master craftsmen pull off some truly back leg thumping feats (AK sniper rifles, grenade laucher silencers and triamese machine guns hit the right spots for us) and this season promises not to disappoint.  Here’s an exclusive sneak peak of what S3:E1, titled “Will’s Floating Fortress” will hold:

Spoiler Alert

With the memories of BP still fresh and Katrina still present (that’s right, it’s going to be a repairing the Gulf episode), Will’s conscious starts barking at him and he decides the crew should do a project that provides some service to the community. The crew decides the best way to “give back” is to arm local Sherriff Gautreaux’s new patrol boat to the teeth.

Arm how? With a rear dual mount with a Mark 19 grenade launcher, a smoke grenade launcher mounted to the side of the craft, and a M240 Bravo machine gun. Duh?

We also reportedly get the obligatory test firing we’ve all come to know and love from this program.

There’s more to the episode of course (think WWII German Lugers) and that thing about Kris picking his job or dating Will’s daughter Stephanie (which we’ve always felt was little tacked on, but then again anything that gets “the missus” to watch a gun program is okay by us).

As you can see, Guns.com is a fan of the show but, as we are with all things in life, we’re inherently suspicious of this deluge of gun-themed shows (i.e. American Guns; Ready, Aim, Sold; Top Shots etc.).  When Guns.com was a kid the Discovery Channel was about sharks one week out of the year, stock footage of Canada’s manufacturing industries and the occasional flash of naked native teet. It seems nowadays it’s all about guns, drugs and illegal immigrants—and gun inclined boob tubers can’t seem to get enough of it.

So more power to them.  They got our vote on the guns at least.  There’s really nothing like unwinding after a hard days work reading, researching and writing about guns, by watching a television program about them.

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