Kel-Tec's KSG Dual-Magazine Pump Shotgun Now Shipping

Kel-Tec said they’d ship third quarter and they meant third quarter.  Just before they break for the holidays, Kel-Tec will indeed be shipping out their first batch of KSGs, their pump-action, dual-magazine 12-gauge shotguns with 14+1 capacity.  Happy holidays indeed.

First spotted at SHOT Show almost a full year ago, the KSG was an instant success, even though the launch date seemed far off and the design so radical.

kel tec ksg bullpop shotgun

Quick refresher, the KSG is a very unique shotgun and stands out for reasons other than its capacity.  It is a bullpup firearm, with the loading-slash-ejection port behind the trigger.  Although the pump closes the action going forward, the shotgun’s crossbar safety is on the grip and thumb-actuated.  The KSG also has dual upper and lower integrated rails, one for sights, the other under the pump handle for lights and pistol grips and stuff.

Next to the ejection port is a magazine selector, you manually select which tube to fire from.  This has the disadvantage of being manual, but the advantage of being deliberate; you can load different kinds of shot shells in each tube, such as breaching rounds in one and buckshot in the other.

Clearly Kel-Tec is going to get some fans in law enforcement; this is right up their alley.  In addition to easily carrying two kinds of ammo, the KSG has a 3″ chamber, and will feed everything from 1¾ to magnums.  (It has a 12+1 capacity with 3″ shells.)  All said and done it weighs under seven pounds dry and not quite nine fully-loaded.

And we got confirmation from them last night that a batch of “several hundred” are heading out for distribution as you read this.  What’s “several hundred?”  More than ever existed before… honestly, we’re just happy to know they’re out there and looking for new homes.  No shotgun should be without a home in the winter.

The KSG still has an MSRP of $800, which is also very good news, but we can’t say if you’ll see them sell for less; this first batch of shotguns is going to go fast and people are gonna be fine paying retail and maybe retail then some to get their hands on these puppies.

male holding ksg shotgun

Can you blame them?

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