Winchester’s Expanding Their PDX1 Ammo with New .22 WMR, .223, .308, and 12 Gauge Loads

12/17/11 4:09 PM | by

Winchester’s PDX1 ammo is almost synonymous with their .410 shotshell defensive load, ostensibly for the Judge and the Governor. It’s the one with the disks and the BBs. But they do load other calibers as well, and it’s all been good. We do look forward to these updates.

Currently, there are PDX1 cartridges chambered for shotguns, pistols, and rifles.  They make 12 gauge loads with three buck pellets and a slug that a lot of people like, as well as a 60 grain, high velocity .223 hollowpoint.  And there are PDX handgun loads, heavier hollowpoints going fast in everything from .380 ACP to .45 Colt.

winchester ammo chartThe hollowpoint designs Winchester uses for these bullets is pretty clever, with soft lead in the hollowpoint area bonded to the petals, and heavier, harder lead in the body of the bullet.  Deformation and penetration all wrapped up together.

So we’re happy to hear they’re adding more.  The new .223 load is going to be a heavier 77 grain bullet for rifles with tight rifling.  The .308 breaks the mold with a extremely lightweight, high velocity 120 grain bullet.

The new 12 gauge slug sounds pretty nifty, too.  It’s a one ounce “segmenting” slug, which sounds like multiple projectiles bonded to each other.

winchester bullets resting on handgunThe .22 WMR as a defensive caliber is, we think, questionable, unless you’ve got a PMR-30 and a machingun trigger finger.  Honestly, we like that more people are loading it, a 45 grain hunk of metal traveling at 1400-1500 FPS has the same energy as a .380 and so it’s not something to scoff at, but what we really want to see is cheap .22 WMR.  It’s the rimfire that spends like a centerfire.

Anyway, all said and done, we wouldn’t mind heating up some barrels with this stuff.  What’s your experience with Winchester’s PDX1 ammo?

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