The Comp Bullet: The Bullet that Comps

The Comp Bullet is a kind of functional art.  That you shoot.  And they compensate.  Honestly we don’t really get it.  But they are the prettiest bullets we’ve ever seen.  They’re CNC-machined to extremely precise tolerances, and yes, you can get them jewel-encrusted.

Here’s what doesn’t make sense to us: compensator ports are usually large, many, or both.  These are small and few; just a ring of tiny ports around the base of each bullet.  Compensators also direct the burning powder’s gas upwards, where this is going to direct it in all directions.  That makes it less of a compensator and more of a brake.

So it’s a bullet that brakes itself as it leaves the barrel of the gun.  We can’t really see how the gun would see any advantages of that.  Which makes us wonder how any of these advantages can be, er, real:

  • Regular muzzle flash
  • Low recoil
  • Easy double tap
  • No smoke
  • High velocity
  • Perfect cnc work

The CNC work we’ll hand over.  They’re immaculate bullets, in 9mm, .40, .45, .44, and .30 for rifles.  The rest just seems arbitrary.  Although they are light (since they’re hollow) and we suspect they can attain pretty high muzzle velocities.

That is, if you can shoot them before all the powder falls out.

Seriously, did anyone else notice that these are basically itty-bitty salt and pepper shakers?  Maybe this ammo comes with some pistol wadding or a shot cup or something.

We do think that the bejeweled brass bullets are worth a look, though.

So what do you think of the Comp Bullet?  Innovation, the the part between fools and money?

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