Controversial Holiday Radio Commercial Creates Buzz (VIDEO)

The owner of PRK Arms in Fresno, CA, had a brilliant idea – use a little misdirection and parody to advertise his business.

His latest radio ad begins like a Sarah Mclachlan animal cruelty commercial.

“They’ve been mistreated and misunderstood for generations,” a soft-spoken woman says. “Abusive owners have done severe damage and given these beautiful creatures a bad reputation.”

Obviously, this is meant to conjure up images of abandoned animals and emaciated house pets that have been abused and mistreated.

Then the ad ambushes the listener with this line,  “You can make a difference by giving a gun a loving home.”

What?!  A gun?

The ad continues, “These guns want nothing more than to adore and protect you. So, please, have a heart. … PRK Arms has the kinds of guns that need a loving home more than anything else — like AK-47s, Glocks and the biggest selection of AR-15s in Fresno.”

Brilliantly done.  But the best part of the ad is that it’s paying off.

According to a news report from Fresno’s CBS 47 news, PRK Arms’ business is booming this holiday season.  Among the many new customers are a surprising number of women, who are buying guns in record numbers, according to the owner (see video for details).

But, of course, there are those who find the ad offensive and/or in poor taste.

Jamie Kerr, an anti-gun violence advocate, said the ad has a “mocking tone and misleading message.”

“Guns are not puppies, they don’t ‘adore’ anybody,” Kerr said in an interview.  “They’re weapons and their [sic] used to kill people.”


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