Safe Harbor's New Kompact Entry Guns (VIDEO)

Safe Harbor’s made similar shotguns in the past, but these new Kompact Entry Guns are reaching for the golden ring.  They’re short-barreled pump-action pistol-grip shotguns, manufactured from either Remington 870s or Mossberg 500s.  Useful?  Maybe.  Fun?  100%.

The new pumps have a couple of functional legs up on the previous model KEGs.  The first is a breacher muzzle device.  Seeing how breaching and pump shotguns go together like steak and more steak, this makes a lot of sense.  Also, it extends the overall length of the gun just enough to squeeze an extra 2¾ shell into the magazine.

safety harbor keg pump shotgun

So with a 7¼-inch-barreled shotgun you get 4+1, and with a 10-incher, 5+1.  That’s a nice step step up from the similar Serbu Super Shorty, (2+1, 6.5-inch barrel) albeit with a commensurately larger and longer package.  They’re also 30 bucks cheaper, which is kind.

And just for kicks, they’re working on a .410, too.  Which seems like a whole lot of fun but search us for a practical use.

Still, as far as shotguns that are just plain good times for shooting and can ride pretty inconspicuously in a car or truck, these guys are at the top of the list.  The current KEGs sell for $705, but we should think that these higher-capacity tacticooler models are gonna run a little more.  Expect to see more of Safe Harbor’s new guns this SHOT.

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