SIG's P938 Features are Spreading to their P238s

One of the more interesting little things SIG will be introducing next year is their P938 series.  Modeled on the P238 pocked .380 ACP 1911s, these upcoming P938s will be chambered in the significantly more powerful 9mm Parabellum.  But that’s not all that’s changed.

p398 pistol on white background

The P938 series will start out with five models, Rosewood, which is two-tone with red checkered grips, Blackwood, two-town with deep ash stippled grips, Extreme, matte black with black and white mottled Hogue G10 grips, Equinox, matte black with polished highlights on the slide and matching controls with dark brown grips, and SAS, which is Rosewood with a melt job.

All of them come from the factory with night sights, although the Equinox also comes with a Truglo tritium/fiber-optic front sight.  Capacity is 6+1, save for the Extreme, which includes an extended 7-round magazine.  And all of the P938s have ambidextrous safeties.

p238 steel pistol

Anticipating ambi-safety love, SIG is going to bring it to the more popular P238 models, Rosewood, Blackwood, and Equinox, as well as offer versions of their upcoming P238 models with them. 

Those would be a Diamond Plate version, a Scorpion version, and a new pattern SIG calls “Desert”, which we hope winds up looking like somewhat like this; we do know that it will also use a 7-round magazine.

cammo sig pistol

We think SIG is going to make a lot of new friends with the lefties and anyone else looking for a pocket 1911.  Still, a few fixes were in store for the P238 when it first rolled off the line; now they’re running smooth and extremely popular everyday-carry guns. 

So the question becomes that with the 9mm P938, will you be an early adopter, or are you more likely to wait and see?

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