Chessammo: Ammunition for Your Chess Set

Remember that beautiful spent casing chess set we wrote about last fall?  This one, with brass and steel cases carved into familiar-looking shapes.  As gorgeous as it is, it’s a bit spendy, at $300.  We just found another great-looking ammunition-themed chess set that won’t set you back nearly as much.

ammunition chess pieces

Creatively-named Chessammo, this chess set is carved from brass and aluminum made to resemble ammo, although they real enough it almost looks like you could use them for dry-fire practice (we wouldn’t recommend it).

bullets as chess pieces

The sets feature .50 Action Express rooks, .454 Casull knights, 7.62x39mm bishops, x45-70 Government queens, and .30-06 Kings.  And appropriately, a phalanx of 9mm Parabellum pawn.  Each cartridge was purposely chosen for their respective roles. “The pawns are modeled after the 9mm cartridge, one of the most common and expendable calibers. These may be the smallest pieces on the board, but they can certainly pack a punch when properly placed.

gold and silver bullets as chess pieces

“Rooks are the .50 Action Express, a hefty caliber to say the least and one who’s straight shot can really make an impact. Rooks barrel themselves down the board and are the most fun to slam into their ‘targets'”.  The board is clear Acrylic chess board, measuring just under 10×10″ square, and being 3/16ths of an inch thick.

bullet chess pieces on glass board

The complete set, board, box, and pieces runs $60, but you can also buy just the pieces if you already have a board you like, or if you’re just not a clear acrylic type of person.  They also sell individual replacement pieces, which is kind.

Sure, the holiday season’s over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep this in the back of your mind for that special person in your life who loves both guns and chess.  Who knows, that person could be you.

We can’t help but think that this particular chess set is extremely well suited for Chessboxing

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